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[November 03, 2011 @ 1:44pm]

Title: My Mark
Artist: frerardislove
Character: Narrator.
Rating: R.
Warning: Implied major character death, suicide, physical abuse, psychological abuse.
Summary: A man, wandering through a city of familiar strangers, contemplates his place in the world, wanting to be remembered-- wanting to make an impact. Through views into his past, his thoughts and behaviors are explained. The question of what brought him to this run-down building is answered, and it isn't a pleasant one.
Notes: Thank you for reading. Please leave comments and constructive criticism. This is my first narrative, and although I am proud of it, I would like to know where I can improve.

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listen [June 03, 2006 @ 10:17am]

Yesterday, my school had a Poetry Slam. It was really cool. I performed and I thought I did well. The judges gave my poem sevens and eights, but I guess I can kind of see why. I read it way too fast and you kind of have to know me when I am going through times like that. But it was awesome and I hope there's another one next year.

Anyway, here's my poem:

sometimes it feels like no one wants to listen to what I have to say
I start to speak and then somebody interrupts me anyway
their voice is equally as important as mine
but when they interject it's like they don't have the time
to listen to me
I wanna speak
is that such a crime?
and then they wonder why I'm in a bad mood
and why I sometimes seem to brood
I just want you to listen to my voice
it's your choice
but I feel ignored and neglected
not one of the selected
who may choose to speak whenever they want
and then the voices linger around to taunt
sometimes it makes me want to scream
to just scream scream scream scream SCREAM!
to shout to let it all out
at the top of my lungs
until I turn blue in the face
so loud you can hear it in outer space
please listen to me
it's so easy
I just want to be heard
why is that so absurd?

(So yeah... People don't usually interupt me, but there was this one week where I just couldn't get out anything I had to say because everybody was cutting me off.)
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stupid boys [May 15, 2006 @ 6:31pm]

I feel like I am living a lost cause
After the fact romances
Meaningless gestures

But it’s like this you see
We’ve tried to hard to be
Something that was lost in the stars
During the dawn of time

We are lost in a canopy
Staring at the sky through the leaves
I cannot find a way to tell you
I’ve gone blind
And I forgot to forget you
I remembered the way it felt
To fall asleep in the grass
Next to you

I feel like I am living a lost cause
Trying to find out the victims
Of a heinous crime
I feel like I’m struggling to figure out
Who mistook their life for garbage

Realizing that we never made it that far
Broke down the walls to the garden
That was hidden by the grass
It was so hard to take a breath
With that brand new air
Rushing into my lungs

I feel like I am living a lost cause
Trying to find the places you went
So I can retrace your steps
And wonder why it always
Ends this was

beauties [May 11, 2006 @ 6:45pm]

I would tell you
I should tell you
but the words won't come out
it's not that I can't say them
it's just I know what you would say

you don't like people like me
you like the beauties
wearing their sparkling eyeshadow
and ten dollar lipstick
super tight jeans
and hollister shirts

but that's not me

I might be a beauty
wearing no eyeshadow
and two dollar chapstick
sporty jeans
and vintage t-shirts

I could ask you to the dance
but would you say yes?
I know you think I'm crazy
maybe that's true
maybe because you make me feel crazy
not in a bad way

if I told you I like you
what would you say?
I have the guts to say it
but not the bravery to hear your response

please don't be oblivious
just tell me something
give me a clue
I need to know if I could be the girl for you

I would tell you
I should tell you
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to an ex-friend [May 07, 2006 @ 6:18pm]

what is your malfunction?
is it really my fault?
i think you're just overreacting
we all overreact
i'm not going to follow your orders
need i remind you--
i am my own person
not a mindless drone
not a shadow
is that what i was?
your shadow?
looking back i realize
you were always the leader
well now i'm taking lead
i don't want to deal with your drama
your everlasting drama
always fighting
will i ever do anything right?
i think i'll start right now
so much for 'friends forever'
forever didn't seem that long

why? [April 29, 2006 @ 11:18am]

why can't I act normal around you?
why do I always do something crazy?
I want to show you that I really can be
I want you to see that I only act that way
because you make me feel
I just want you to see me for me.
is that too much to ask?
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[April 04, 2006 @ 11:20pm]

Welcome to narrative_cafe
The community is now oficially open.

feel free to start posting


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